The security staff of Nevada Security has been an active participant of the world of Hungarian event organising/security. Each year we are present at several hundred events both in Budapest and in the country-side.

Our repertoire includes sport events, concerts, professional exhibitions, company events at sites like the Hungexpo, Budapest Sport Arena, the Palace of Arts and the Budapest Congress Centre.

Organising an event involves a huge liability, the safety of the participants should not be risked! Exactly for this reason the competent authorities due to some recent tragic outcomes of events stipulate and demand from the organisers strict requirements. In the case of security related mistakes and deficiencies very hard sanctions may be expected, and in more serious cases even criminal law impeachment may be also expected. These disadvantageous consequences may be prevented, if you assign the implementation of the security tasks to experienced professionals! Be our client, our prepared experts will be pleased to assist in implementing your planned event at a high quality, but at the same time without any problems!

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