High level guarding-protecting of banks, office buildings, premises, logistical centers, hotels and schools, with trained, well-built asset guards of good appearance.

What is the secret of the success of Nevada Security? Why our customers are so satisfied with our security services that we never lost a single assignment so far, moreover, our satisfied clients recommend us to their partners? How could Nevada Security Ltd. win and retain clients like 5-star Ritz Carlton, a luxurious hotel located in the heart of Budapest or the Budapest College of Communication and Business that is considered to be the flagship of elite education? We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of object protection.

Nevada Security Ltd has many years of professional experience and excellent references in the area of guarding office buildings, premises, logistical centers, hotels and schools. We try to achieve the satisfaction of our clients by employing asset guards, who are the best trained, who are intelligent, who are well-built and have good appearance, and at the same time who are honest and reliable. In addition to selecting the appropriate person, we place great emphasis on continuous education, further training, and on control as well. We provide this kind of high level asset protection service at an affordable price, and this way we succeeded in reaching a better quality than our competitors, at a lower price.

If you are not satisfied with your present guarding and protection service provider, engage us in order to know that your valuables are safe without needless additional costs! Do not allow people to steal your valuables, expensive time and energy that you acquired with great efforts! We will remove from your shoulder the safety related problems, this way you will be far more successful in your business life! Change your service provider, call us still today! Our helpful colleagues will be pleased to be at your disposal!

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